3/2/23 Inaugural CHESS LECTURE: An amazing Thursday night! Started with an excellent chess lecture on “Elimination of the defense” by Sujay Sureshkumar! And followed by our biggest Thursday attendance so far. Record 43 players played a fantastic 3 round G/25; d5 2-section format tournament. Thanks to players and families who brought back-up clocks! It definitely takes a village!!

2/26/23 Chesterfield Serious SWISS75 Tournament!!! Exciting finish to a very Serious Swiss!! Abishek won the Open section, beat higher rated players & took home $75. There was also a crazy 4-way tie for second place. Krish took home the first place U1100 trophy. Way to go! Vihaana got second—girl power 💪!

2/23/23 50th Tournament Milestone!!! Busy Thursday night for the 50th tournament for Chess Cardinals and total 30 players at yesterday’s “Thursday G/25; d5 dual-rated open tournament”. Welcome to all new players! Jacob, Abheer, Sandeep and Sujana. Happy to see new adult players! Hope more parents to follow suit!

2/19/23 Inaugural Chesterfield Sunday Serious Swiss (G/75). We started a new longer-duration format chess starting today with Prize Money and Trophies!!! 16 players and some really amazing games. National Master Julian won the OPEN section and the $100 top prize. Vihas secured 3 wins in the U1100 section closely followed by Aaryan (2pts). Congratulations to everyone who participated!

2/16/23 It’s only $2 for 3 rounds of G/25; d5 (3SS) and OPEN to everyone. Young or adult. Scholastic or non-scholastic. 37 players played tonight!!! If you like this, please support us & spread the word.

2/12/23 A great start to our “Inaugural CHESTERFIELD OPEN,” USCF-rated, G60/d5, 4SS tournament this Sunday (2/12/23). FREE ENTRY for everyone this week! 31 players played in two sections.

2/09/23. This was our first Thursday G/25 tournament at the new location. 33 players played tonight. Congratulations to Nawneet and Charles for winning the TOP and RESERVE sections respectively! We definitely have space to accommodate more. Please spread the word! Special mention & thanks to Jitesh Gupta and Mukil Krishna Marthandan for helping out!

2/6/23 What an eventful first tournament at Chesterfield Mall. 14 players registered and started playing and halfway through everyone had to evacuate because of a Fire-Alarm🔥. We lost an hour waiting outside for Fire Dept clearance and finally everybody agreed to cancel this round. We will continue this tournament from next Monday.

2/1/23 Happy to inform everyone that Chess Cardinals has a new official club location at Chesterfield Mall, an open 3600 sq ft space now!! Thanks to Staenberg Group (TSG) for donating the space to us! We are relocating all our Chess Club activities to Chesterfield Mall (Unit#156) from next Monday onwards (2/6/2023). The club is on the ground floor, near Arch Pickleball/Badminton Courts. We recommend parking near the Cheesecake Factory and take escalator or elevator down to ground floor.

1/30/23 A perfect end to our JANUARY MONDAY KNIGHTS! Total 18 players played in our G/60;d5 format. Congratulations to Alvin and Devanshi for scoring 3.5/4 this month. Scores are updated.

1/26/23 Another busy Chess Cardinals-Thursday night! 26 players. Congratulations Suman for winning the top section! Out of total 8 girls yesterday, 4 played in the top section!! Scores are updated.

1/19/23 Wonderful turnout last Thursday at YMCA Chesterfield. Congratulations to Avy, Kevin and Joseph for winning all 3 games! It was Joseph’s first over the board tournament and what an amazing start!

1/12/23 Happy New YEAR!!! completed 41st Tournament last night. 23 players played yesterday. Congratulations to Steven for a big rating jump! Rating is now available on USCF.

12/26/22 DECEMBER Series of Chess Cardinals Monday Knights is completed. Kudos to Alvin for a great performance!! Glad to see a total of 17 players this month. Happy Holidays & Cheers!!

12/15/22 BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir (temporary location): YMCA had to cancel our Thursday Tournament due to conflicting Theatre Rentals, but heartfelt thanks to our friend Dharmesh Sharma who has offered us an alternative space for two weeks to conduct Thursday Chess Tournament (12/8/2022, and 12/15/2022). It is a beautiful facility (BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir) in Bridgeton, MO with a big auditorium, plenty of tables/chairs, and a big parking lot in the front. Address: BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir, 12305 Natural Bridge Road, Bridgeton, MO 63044. Rating is now updated (Series I and Series II)

11/28/22 Most players in G/60 format! November Chess Cardinals at McDonald’s is completed and 18 players played this month in a G/60; d5 format. Kyle, Alvin and Devanshi shared the top with 3 points each. Jason played his first USCF rated tournament and did great! We encourage all new players to start playing over the board chess with us!

11/14/22 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY….yippee!!! We completed our 1-year anniversary as a USCF chess affiliate. Last year on Nov 14, we organized our first ever tournament at Chesterfield Firehouse Sub with just 4 players! One year later, we have now conducted 32 tournaments, and 113 players from Chesterfield/St. Louis area played at Chess Cardinals. Thanks everyone!

11/03/22 Another good week with 33 players including 11 girls! It is wonderful to see more girls participating now and this is just a beginning! Thanks to all the players who arrived early and brought their own clocks/sets, even though we didn’t use them. YMCA gave us two additional tables and chairs and we have now capacity to hold up to 40 players. See you all next week!

10/27/22 Age is just a number! the best is yet to come! We welcome our 3 new adult players tonight! Joshua, Mukil and Robert… hope you had a great first over-the board experience! We had the best turnout so far, with 36 players including 10 girls and we continued to split the games into TOP section and RESERVE section. Gaaya did some multitasking playing in the top section along with helping Ben TD tonight!

Please remember that we are here to play chess, learn something new, make good friends and have lots & lots of fun! We learn how to take win or loss gracefully, over the board and in life in general as a natural extension and we urge parents to encourage kids/scholastic players to be at their best etiquette. Yes, USCF points matter but few points upset will not matter in long-run. Chess is not a 100 m Race but is more like a marathon!

10/24/22 Happy Diwali! We concluded our OCTOBER series of Monday Knights today and what a fantastic month it turned out to be! We had a total of 14 players with 6 players >1500 rating. We played 4 rounds of chess and congrats to Kyle who won 3.5 out of 4.0! All our scholastic players did really well. Next week is Halloween and we will not have our Monday knights but we will resume on 07NOV2022 for our NOVEMBER series.

10/13/22 Fall is here and what a great joy to see colors changing! We had 28 players and some great chess games tonight. Welcome to all new players who joined us tonight including three beginners. Two players with 3 wins each, kudos to Divish and Adithya! Well played. Parents are insisting that we create two sections instead of one big open format and looks like we may have to! Stay tuned for more updates next week.

09/26/22 Wrapped up Sept Series of Monday Knight. We played the last game of this series tonight and congrats to Yashaswini for winning 3/4 games and reaching peak USCF rating. We had 14 players showed up altogether this month including Adults and Scholastic players. We will start our OCTOBER series from 03OCT onwards and looking forward to seeing everyone back!

09/22/22 What an amazing turnout tonight!!! Army of Chess Cardinals at YMCA, Chesterfield. 32 players excluding Ben, making it the best attendance so far. We encourage players to bring clocks if they can while we try to fundraise for more. Thanks to everyone who volunteered and helped in running this tournament without any chaos!

08/31/22 No More Monday Blues!!! Monday Knights (August Series) has concluded at the LAMP & LANTERN McDonald’s, and everyone wants more of this Monday series! William topped the August Series with 4 wins out of 5 games. Kudos! We had 16 players showed up altogether this month including Adults and Scholastic players. We will start our SEPT series from 05SEPT onwards and looking forward to seeing everyone back!

08/011/22 Once again, 26 players including 2 new novice players joined tonight at Chess Cardinals weekly YMCA Thursday Open (G/25; d5). $2 dollar to YMCA was strictly implemented upon YMCA’s request. Thanks to all the parent-volunteers who helped with receipt verification and overall conduct of the tournament!! Highest rated player was >2000, which is a first in our club and hopefully inspire more high-rated players to show up. If it happens, we will start a separate TOP section for them.

08/04/22 26 players including 3 new novice players joined tonight at Chess Cardinals weekly YMCA Thursday Open (G/25; d5). This is a new record attendance at our club. We are building a pipeline for future and yeah, future seems bright! Spread the word please!

07/25/22 Successfully completed the “Monday Knights” for the month of July 2022! This series is restricted to scholastic players above 1000 rating and adults with any rating. Total 14 players played this series. We had a surprise visitor, “The Chess Traveller & Pioneer” and our good friend, Mike Abron played here tonight! Please note that the next Monday Knight series starts on 01AUG2022. One game a week (time control G/60; d5). The Monday Chess Cardinals Knights tournament runs for the month and has a weekly round every Monday night (01Aug, 08Aug, 15Aug, 22Aug & 29Aug). Games are submitted to the USCF at the end of month.

06/30/22 – Gaaya was at WashU for summer STAR research program. “In her absence”, Ben coordinated the tournament for the first time. 4 first-time players at Chess Cardinals in today’s tournament (Ashton, Kevin, Aditya, and Sparsh).

06/02/22 – Today was the last day of school at Parkway School District. More than a dozen players played tonight! YMCA confirmed that they may not be able to provide more table/chairs than what is allocated now, and we may have to find an additional space outside of YMCA.

05/26/22 – 16 players played tonight and 6 girls! We will need to ask YMCA for more space/tables for our next week’s games! Tournament Director, Gaaya also implemented board numbers to facilitate smooth chess games and avoid fuss & running around to find an empty board to play! Martin, first timer at Chess Cardinals played wonderfully tonight, and it is a delight to see a growing scholastic interest in our community. Hope everyone got some good practice to play at St. Louis Chess Club-“Show Me Classic” over this coming weekend! Good luck

05/12/22 – Thanks to St.Louis Chess Club for donating a chess set & clock! Much appreciated! Devanshi C won all her 3 games and kudos! #chessqueen

05/05/22 – Did you plead or played the 5th on Cinco de Mayo? A fun night to remember!! Congratulations to Karthik D for emerging as the clear winner with 3 wins! TD Gaaya had a great photoshoot with kids! Go Chess Cardinals!

4/28/22 YMCA Tournament: Amazing turn out tonight and Congratulations to Pritish who won all his 4 games! Awesome champ!!

4/21/22 Casual YMCA Play. YMCA provided nice tables/chairs for our Chess Tournaments, though it is little challenging for small kids! Hopefully it wouldn’t deter our young players from playing at Chess Cardinals.

4/14/22 Casual YMCA Play

11/14/21 – Firehouse Subs Tournament