Learn Chess

A curated list of the best resources


Chess website where you can play games for free. Good video lessons for beginners.

A free, no ads, open-source chess server where you can play games with people around the world.

Another chess server where you can play games.

Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Atlanta Youtube Channel
Free and instructive chess videos by Grandmaster Benjamin Finegold

STL Chess Club Youtube Channel

Entertaining and free video lessons by the STL Chess Club and their resident grandmaster.


Nice website for learning some BASICS and 33 cools ways to checkmate.

Susan Polgar’s amazing website to learn how to take notations. It is critical to learn notation if you want to play rated chess tournaments.

Rules and Etiquette of Tournament
All beginners who are aspire to play in Rated Tournaments must abide by these rules and etiquette.