Thank you for your Donation!!!

Thank you so much for your generous donation to Chess Cardinals!  We simply would not be able to promote chess in our community and run low-cost affordable tournaments to our city if it were not for your support.  Thank you!

Our goal here at Chess Cardinals is promote chess at the grass root level and encourage kids/adults to start playing through low-cost tournaments. Your donation will be used to buy more chess sets, conduct more tournaments, provide free-training programs to low-income family, and help increase more girl’s participation in the chess.

Thanks to you and our amazing family of donors, we are sure to reach our goals. If you ever have any questions or want to hear more about our work, please don’t hesitate to call us at 210-912-3729 or e-mail us at

With gratitude,

Gaaya, on the behalf of

Chess Cardinals Board of Directors

Contact information:

Chess Club Phone: 210-Nine-One-Two-3729

Email: Chess4chesterfield[at]

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